Covera adds EMV, instant issuance solutions to product lineup

ALBANY, NY (November 19, 2013) — As part of a continued commitment to delivering “proven” payment solutions for credit unions, Covera has launched a Prepaid Travel EMV card program and an instant issuance solution.

Through its Prepaid Travel EMV card program, Covera enables credit unions to offer their members the latest and best in chip-card technology. The prepaid, instant-issue MasterCard cards are accepted worldwide at merchants with both chip readers and traditional swipe terminals, and they can be loaded and reloaded quickly and conveniently. Because they feature both traditional mag stripe and chip technology, the cards reduce acceptance and fraud issues for cardholders traveling overseas.

“As the move toward EMV continues, more and more credit unions are seeing the need to offer their members a chip card option,” said Covera COO Kimberly Ploof. “With our Prepaid Travel EMV card program, credit unions can benefit from earned revenue, cross-selling opportunities, reduced fraud and enhanced competitiveness in the marketplace—all while taking on no additional risk or compliance obligations. It’s a great way to enter the EMV arena.”

Also new to Covera’s lineup is an instant card issuance solution. Through a partnership with EFT Source, Inc., Covera now offers credit unions the ability to request, print and issue fully functioning payment cards (new and replacement) to members within seconds.

“Over the years, our clients have increasingly sought an instant issuance solution that is effective and affordable,” said Ploof. “We’re excited to offer a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution that will significantly strengthen member satisfaction while creating benefits for credit unions—all at a 30-percent cost savings over traditional instant issuance solutions.”

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