Covera, UsNet Bring New Credit Union ATM/ Shared Branching Solution to NY

Organizations orchestrate launch of CO-OP NextGen ATM at Queens-based Melrose CU

ALBANY, NY (September 13, 2013) — Covera and Universal Sharing Network (UsNet) recently orchestrated the first New York credit union launch of CO-OP NextGen ATM. Melrose CU, a Covera client and member of the UsNet shared branching network, is successfully utilizing the new software solution to support both traditional ATM transactions and shared branching transactions on its mainline ATMs.

Melrose CU members can now complete all routine teller transactions at the credit union’s ATMs, and members of other credit unions within the UsNet/CO-OP Shared Branch network can use the credit union’s ATMs to complete common shared branching transactions.

“This technology allows Melrose and Shared Branch members to conduct teller transactions 24/7, thus alleviating the stress caused by long lines in the teller window queuing area of our lobby,” said Robert Nemeroff, Melrose CU’s director of Marketing/Public Affairs. “In addition, it offers users the ability to use ATM technology without the need of an ATM or debit card.  Any card with a mag stripe that contains the user’s exact information as it appears on their credit union account is the basic requirement, so indirectly, the machines minimize the potential for lost cards by reducing the amount of cards people need to carry around. It’s a win-win for credit unions and for the members.”

Melrose CU’s adoption of CO-OP NextGen ATM was made possible through Covera and UsNet’s partnerships with CO-OP Financial Services.

“Covera is proud to offer this exclusive, innovative technology to our client credit unions,” said Kimberly McCumber-Ploof, COO of Covera. “CO-OP NextGen ATM enables credit unions to improve member service and convenience while maximizing the return on their ATM investment.”

The solution also enhances credit unions’ shared branching operations. “Because CO-OP NextGen ATM migrates routine teller transactions—including shared branching transactions—into the ATM channel, credit unions can maximize branch efficiencies,” notes Marc Inger, COO of UsNet. “This solution also helps credit unions differentiate from big banks by expanding the unique benefits of shared branching.”

Credit unions must be members of both the CO-OP ATM network and the CO-OP Shared Branch network to access CO-OP NextGen ATM.

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