Credit Union 1 contracts DEI for three new branches

Credit Union 1 continues expansion in Indiana and Illinois

CINCINNATI, OH (March 17, 2022) — DEI, a leading design/build company specializing in banks and credit unions nationally, was selected to design and build several new locations for Credit Union 1 in Illinois and Indiana.

As part of Credit Union 1’s goal to provide consistent member service, the credit union continues to place branches in convenient locations to best serve their market. Credit Union 1 is currently working with   DEI on three new locations: Chicago, Ill.; Springfield, Ill.; and South Bend, Ind. Each location is a tenant build-out at approximately 2,000 square feet.

Every CU1 branch intends to have the same look and feel across all locations to provide a consistent brand language—from visual appearance to consistent member service and products. However, each location is customized to reflect the community in which it is located. For the Springfield and Chicago locations, the graphic murals featured behind the dialogue pods are of each of those cities. The South Bend, Ind., location takes the customization a step further and features a mural of the University of Notre Dame campus, and other graphics highlight the Fighting Irishman and the collegiate football team. This location also includes a student café in the waiting area.

“Credit Union 1 has not only updated and created the branding identity throughout their network but also understands the importance of creating an exceptional environment for their existing and future employees,” says DEI’s Regional Vice President Bob Boehmer. “In today’s world, the importance of the workforce and maintaining their job satisfaction is extremely important. Credit Union 1 was voted as a Top Work Place in 2021 by the Chicago Tribune.”

For example, CU1 utilizes sit-to-stand desks in all spaces, from the smallest of cubicles to the CEO’s office, and ergonomically designed chairs that adjust to custom-fit the end user. Other items used in various locations include an employee lounge and small kitchenettes for impromptu meetings and  coffee breaks. Overall, the brand coloration and inspirational messaging helps to reinforce the forward- thinking mentality of the CEO and throughout the organization.

“As CU1 continues to expand to meet member expectations and provide convenience, we continue to partner with DEI,” says Todd Gunderson, CU1’s CEO and president. “We’ve worked with them for many years, and they continue to assist us in achieving our goals.”

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Kim Rittmeier
Marketing and PR Manager

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