Credit Union Calculators updated to feature new customization options and mobile access

MADISON, WI (July 22, 2014) — CUNA announced exciting updates to its financial decision-making microsite, Credit Union Calculators. This tool is used by credit unions to allow their members to be in the driver’s seat experimenting with financial variables, showing them rather than telling them why the credit union difference matters.

With four brand new calculators, the update also provides additional options for customization and access to new features. Credit unions can now customize with their logo and website colors, and they can link multiple times to the entire Calculator suite, as well as to each individual calculator.

But most importantly, the redesigned calculators are built in responsive design, making them easy to use from smart phones, tablets and computers.

“This easy-to-install but powerful update is all about minimizing the distance between the credit union and its members,” commented Joanne Sepich, CUNA’s director of consumer education. “With mobile access, customization opportunities and automatic updates, credit unions can now demonstrate to their members their ability to respond to changing technology needs.”

Its tools and features allow members to not only anticipate the impact of their actions, but also to acquire important financial education, including:

  • Multi-dimensional financial projections
  • What-if scenario planning
  • Step-by-step member walkthroughs
  • Printable reports and detailed graphs
  • The ability to toggle variables and observe their effects

For more information on the updated Credit Union Calculators microsite, to purchase it, or to update your current version at no additional cost, visit

About CUNA:
With its network of affiliated state credit union leagues, Credit Union National Association (CUNA) serves America’s credit unions, which are owned by nearly 100 million consumer members. Credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives providing affordable financial services to people from all walks of life. For more information about CUNA, visit or follow @CUNA on Twitter. For more information about credit unions, visit and follow @asmarterchoice on Twitter. Visit the CUNA Press Room for a full listing of media mentions, press releases and resources to stay informed on current events within the credit union industry.

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