Credit union CEOs gather to share perspectives

CU24 Executive Roundtable gets resounding round of applause

TALLAHASSEE, FL (May 15, 2015) — CEOs from a diverse group of credit unions gathered last month for the inaugural CU24 Executive Roundtable in Savannah, GA.

The two days were peppered with lively discussions, interspersed between presentations by an impressive lineup of thought provoking speakers. Bill Bynum, CEO of Hope Credit Union, shared the inspirational story of his credit union’s extraordinary growth in helping low and moderate income people in economically distressed areas of the South. Randy Smith, Publisher of CUinsight, spoke to the stories that every credit union has to tell; and John McKechnie, a Partner in Washington advocacy firm Total Spectrum, provoked a lively discussion on the regulatory and legislative challenges faced by the credit union community.  The group also heard a spirited and informative presentation from Alex Bloom, Managing Director of Under1Roof Productions, on the merits of leadership marketing. Chuck Fagan, as CEO of CUES (now CEO of PSCU) facilitated a workshop that prompted the credit union leaders to consider creative approaches to the common challenges of the day.. And, while the presentations covered a wide range of topics, the take away from each was often the same.

“If there’s one thing these two days has taught us it’s that by working together and learning from each other, credit unions of all sizes have the power and potential to achieve great new heights,” explained CU24 CEO, Mansel Guerry “In spending time with each other and listening to varying perspectives, it becomes clear: our unity, ironically enough, is what sets us apart.”

In addition to the presenters, CU24 also premiered its short documentary, “The Consumer’s Voice.” The twenty-minute video, composed of footage obtained from hours of focus groups, offered the attendees an enlightening and frank take on how consumers relate to banks, credit unions, and the ins and outs of the financial services industry. The full piece can be viewed anytime on the CU24 YouTube Channel,

Attendees also had the opportunity to network with their colleagues over cocktails and dinner at Vic’s On The River, a Savannah landmark.

As the conference concluded, enthusiasm for the two days of sharing ideas was evident. When Mr. Guerry asked the group who would be interested in returning next year, every hand shot up. “Our hope is that this event will endure well beyond its forty-eight hours; that we have sparked some new ideas, revealed some new opportunities, and surfaced some new ways of thinking,” said Guerry, “and for us at CU24, well it was a privilege to spend this time surrounded by people who share such a strong commitment to the credit union community. We are pleased to host such an event.”

Plans are already underway for next year’s Executive Roundtable.

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