MidUSA Credit Union Leads Industry to Become 1st Site for New Technology

Technology brings time, talent and location together for member service

MIDDLETOWN, OH (June 19, 2013) MidUSA Credit Union announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to be the first credit union in the United States to deploy high-definition 3D OmniSuite technology through Buffalo Pacific LLC and Telepresence Technologies LLC. The technology brings together life-size 3D, real-time video communications with full eye contact and theater quality sound to create a virtual “presence” of the credit unions experts, on member demand.

James Miles, President & CEO, of MidUSA Credit Union said: “The real-time 3D video communications experiences which are transmitted through the OmniSuites are of such quality that they appear to be real life and they give the member the feeling of sitting across the desk from our expert staff. The use of this technology will give MidUSA the ability to better serve our members with the various subject matter experts we have on staff and remove the obstacles of time and travel. We think this technology is especially exciting for our members who work with our investment and mortgage experts and provides a member experience that is magical and timely.” Mr. Miles went on to say: “We expect to initially deploy the high-definition 3D OmniSuites in our Kettering and Middletown Plaza branches over the next several weeks.”

Mr. David Allen, Chairman and CEO of Buffalo Pacific, says that selecting MidUSA Credit Union to be the first credit union in the country to deploy the new state of the art OmniSuite technology was a natural because he is a member of MidUSA Credit Union and familiar with their operation. The 3D OmniSuite technology utilizes six (6) registered US patents that provide high-definition 3D imaging and communication with full eye contact, life size images, and theater quality sound all designed to create personalized relationships between a credit union and its members. Mr. Allen went on to say: “The OmniSuite Solution available from Buffalo Pacific will help all financial institutions balance time, talent and location resources to create a more memorable member service experience thus deepening relationships with the financial institution and giving the member greater flexibility and access to credit union experts when needed.”

Mr. Allen noted that: “MidUSA is rightfully excited to be the first credit union in the country to deploy the OmniSuite technology as it has the power to completely rewrite the member experience in branch and allow the credit union to enhance relationship value and depth while better utilizing staff and location resources.” Buffalo Pacific is also working with a variety of credit union and CUSO leaders across the country who believe that the OmniSuite will give all credit unions an opportunity to better serve their members while generating new accounts and new loans, while providing, business referrals and advertising opportunities.

About MidUSA Credit Union
MidUSA was formed in 1934 by a group of Armco Steel workers that desired a better local alternative for their banking. From the humble beginnings on the shop floor to a thriving $194 million credit union serving over 16,000 members, MidUSA has always held the member trust close to heart. Focusing on leading the membership toward financial success and providing expanded service and support have been hallmarks of MidUSA’s proud nearly 80-year history. Headquartered in Middletown, OH, MidUSA can be found online at

About Buffalo Pacific
Buffalo Pacific was started by David Allen, the initial team leader who developed and launched the entire “telepresence” industry in the 1990s. Buffalo Pacific is designed to enable credit unions and other leading financial institutions to create a unique member experience that leverages the time, talent and location of credit union subject matter experts to match member need and demand flow

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