Credit Union of Texas crushing it with CUTEK’s Member Verify solution

BOERNE, TX (December 3, 2021)CUTEK, a nationwide provider of IT products/services for credit unions, reports that Credit Union of Texas has exceeded all expectations with the tech provider’s multi-factor authentication Member Verify solution (MFA). CUTEK’s MFA validates credit union members’ identities via their smartphones calling into the call center.

According to Credit Union of Texas SVP/Chief Administrative Officer Angela Faust, MFA allows her credit union’s team to verify if they’re speaking to a member using the information they already have on file. This verification process has allowed Credit Union of Texas to reduce the time it takes to verify the member and allows staff more time to meet members’ needs. In addition, Faust says MFA has been a welcomed additional layer of fraud protection.

“At Credit Union of Texas, validating our members’ identities is extremely important, and we needed a way that wouldn’t be overly burdensome on the members,” she says. “CUTEK’s MFA has not only decreased the time it takes to verify a member but has reduced members’ frustrations with having to provide multiple pieces of personal information.”

Faust provided monthly usage results since Credit Union of Texas started using CUTEK’s MFA in February 2021:

  • August – 19,295 calls
  • July – 21,453 calls
  • June – 21,169 calls
  • May – 15,127 calls
  • April – 15,730 calls
  • March – 11,904 calls

o   (Faust says that as soon as the credit union rolled MFA out to staff, they started getting immediate feedback on how great of an enhancement this was.)

  • February – 113 calls

o   (Faust says this first month was testing and ensuring there were no unexpected consequences of a new product.)

“Overall, our staff has loved this feature because it’s plugged right into the core and validates the member in real-time,” Faust says. “We use this in conjunction with other out-of-wallet questions, but the adoption has been well-received.”

She added that the credit union’s fraud and wires team also uses this solution as an additional layer of security. Credit Union of Texas’ members and employees have quickly adopted the One Time Passcode as an easier and more secure way to authenticate themselves.

Angela Faust


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About Member Verify (MFA)

CUTEK’s Member Verification Multi-Factor improves member account security by providing a reliable means to confirm the member’s identity. This can especially be helpful when members are conducting business remotely, for instance calling into phone centers or other business units. The member contact information presented is updated in real time, which means there’s no need to mine for this information on the host, including transactions.

The integrated system is quick and easy to use and ensures information on file for the member is used to confirm their business with the credit union.


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