Credit Union Resources endorses CU Direct as five-star preferred partner

PLANO, TX (May 2, 2018) — Credit Union Resources, Inc., the service corporation for the Cornerstone Credit Union League, has named CU Direct as a five-star preferred business partner in Oklahoma and Texas. Since 1994, CU Direct’s focus has been helping credit unions succeed by providing a unique brand of lending designed to serve members effectively and efficiently.

Credit Union Resources provides industry-leading solutions and expertise to credit unions across the country and is committed to helping them maintain a competitive edge with a comprehensive suite of products and services. The company follows a well-defined process of product evaluation, market testing, and review to ensure that solutions partners meet the highest value proposition before an endorsement is approved.

CU Direct has a proven vision and expertise that dovetails with Credit Union Resources’ values. The company helps credit unions deliver the solutions, products, and features that meet the demands of today’s members, from leading-edge mobile technology to powerful, configurable lending platforms, analytics and reporting, auto-buying tools, retail lending solutions, and more.

“We’re very pleased to welcome CU Direct as a five-star business partner,” said Cornerstone President/CEO Caroline Willard. “With their innovative technology and a vision that complements our own, CU Direct is uniquely positioned to help Cornerstone credit unions expand and improve their lending programs. We are confident our members will benefit greatly from this partnership.”

CU Direct credit union partners, as an aggregate, became the largest auto lender in the nation in 2017, experiencing 16.2 percent loan growth, the second highest loan origination growth rate among the top 10 lenders in the nation, according to data from AutoCount.

About Cornerstone League

Cornerstone League is among the nation’s largest regional credit union trade associations, serving approximately 600 credit unions in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. Cornerstone exists to advance the success of credit unions in the region through legislative and grassroots advocacy; regulatory and compliance support; training, educational, and networking opportunities; essential communications related to news and information affecting the credit union industry; and other products and services that establish Cornerstone as the essential partner for credit unions. For more information, visit 

About Credit Union Resources, Inc.

Credit Union Resources is a service corporation that provides industry-leading solutions and expertise to credit unions across the country. Credit Union Resources is a part of the Cornerstone Credit Union League, a regional trade association representing the interests of credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Learn more at

About CU Direct

For more than twenty years, CU Direct has been a lending technology leader, helping credit unions fund $211 billion in loans. More than 1,100 credit unions rely on CU Direct’s solutions to generate loans, create efficiencies, and grow membership. From CUDL, the industry’s number one auto lending platform, to the industry’s revolutionary Lending 360 Loan Origination System and Lending Insights dynamic analytic tools, CU Direct develops the technology that helps credit unions advance their lending programs and overall portfolio success. More than 14,000 auto dealers nationwide use CU Direct’s automotive solutions to connect with credit unions and their members to drive sales and increase their bottom lines. For more information, visit


Tanya Dittberner
Director, Communications and Media Relations
Cornerstone League

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