Credit union system can now help fund new season of Biz Kid$

$1.1 Million needed to produce new episodes of emmy award-winning fin ed show

The National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation) is currently seeking funding from the credit union system to help sponsor Season 6 of Biz Kid$ episodes to keep Biz Kid$ fresh and timely. The cost to produce Season 6 is $1.1 million.

Biz Kid$ is the only credit union funded and branded public television series that teaches kids about money management and entrepreneurship. It is the first national public television series promoting financial education for elementary through high school students and was created by the same team that produced “Bill Nye the Science Guy”. Launched nationally in 2008, Biz Kid$ includes an Emmy award-winning TV series, free classroom curriculum, outreach activities, and a website targeting children 9 – 16 years old.

Organizations and individuals looking to make a donation for Season 6 of Biz Kid$ can do so at

Through the power of collaboration, a coalition of over 300 credit unions and affiliates from across the country have helped exclusively fund Biz Kid$ donating over $14 million.

“We know that credit unions believe in youth financial education as much as we do at the Foundation,” said Gigi Hyland, Foundation Executive Director. “Funding this new season of Biz Kid$ is a great opportunity to take this tremendous resource to the next level.”

Since the series launched in 2008, it has reached more than 77.1 million public television viewers. Through the American Forces Network, nearly 1 million American service men and women’s families worldwide have access to Biz Kid$ episodes. Over 10.8 million parents, educators, and students have been reached through a variety of creative education outreach projects.

Public station programmers are looking for new material and new episodes significantly extend the life of Biz Kid$ on television, and provide the ability to cover new topics and dive deeper into financial capability skills.

“Please either donate now or pledge your support to give in 2017 for production of Season 6 of Biz Kid$. This is a great way to continue creating credit union awareness and maintain credit unions’ leadership in the youth financial education space,” added Hyland.


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