Credit Unions in Virginia Collaborative on Statewide Awareness Campaign

Virginia’s member-owned credit unions have launched a statewide awareness campaign to educate consumers about the many benefits of banking at not-for-profit credit unions.

The campaign is being coordinated by the Virginia Credit Union League, the state trade association for credit unions based in the commonwealth.

This unique social media campaign is designed to reach consumers ages 18 to 35, providing information about the direct benefits of credit unions and encouraging consumers to try one for their financial needs.

Consumer research was conducted to determine the strategy and message of the campaign.  Research shows consumers feel they are taking a “hit” from the economy and are suffering the impact of higher prices and rising fees. The creative team took the idea of feeling hit to a literal level and designed a video to reflect this feeling. The video features a George Washington character, who represents money, physically taunting the main character.

The humorous video showcases the direct benefits of credit unions, including the fact credit unions offer better rates and have fewer and less-costly fees.

“Study after study bears out the fact that not-for-profit credit unions are the consumer-friendly option in the financial services marketplace,” says Virginia Credit Union League President Rick Pillow. “Credit union member-owners enjoy fewer fees and better rates at their credit union compared to for-profit banks. Through the power of shared branching, credit union member-owners also enjoy the ability to conduct business at more than 5,000 locations nationwide. Credit unions truly do offer unmatched savings and convenience.”

Funding for the awareness campaign was made possible by the financial contributions of 50 Virginia-based credit unions, the League and a number of generous sponsors. The campaign will not rely on costly, traditional advertising such as television and radio, instead seeking to leverage the power of social media. The benefits of a social media campaign include the ability to reach a large number of people on a smaller budget and unmatched measurement and tracking capabilities.

The video directs consumers to a newly launched website, where they can learn about the benefits of credit unions, as well as search for a credit union they may be able to join. All credit unions in the commonwealth will benefit from the collaborative campaign and credit unions providing financial support receive special recognition on the website through banner advertisements and the credit union search feature.

About Credit Unions
Learn more about Virginia’s 180 credit unions by visiting the website of the Virginia Credit Union League, the state trade association that promotes and protects Virginia’s credit union system, while offering products and services that help credit unions best serve their members –

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