Credit unions use balance transfer campaign from CSCU; Show extreme portfolio growth vs. non-participating credit unions

TAMPA, FL (September 13, 2013) – Credit unions that used CSCU’s  (Card Services for Credit Unions) balance transfer marketing campaign titled “Grappling With Debt” experienced 12 times the total volume growth as compared to credit unions that did not take advantage of the complimentary promotional materials for cardholder marketing.  The key performance statistics represent year-over-year results from CSCU’s three-month balance transfer promotion, a campaign that enables credit unions to offer increased benefits to members and strengthen member loyalty.

Credit unions that implemented CSCU’s balance transfer promotion experienced significant overall portfolio performance, with the following year-over-year growth vs. non-participating credit unions:

  • 12.91% total volume growth, 12 times the growth of non-participating credit unions.
  • 6.26% total accounts growth, triple the growth of non-participating credit unions.

“As evidenced by the results of CSCU’s most recent balance transfer promotion, member credit unions will succeed in improving their overall portfolio performance by using the resources available to them,” said Bill Lehman, vice president of Portfolio Consulting Services, CSCU.

CSCU offers both a summer and post-holiday balance transfer promotion annually, as well as on-demand creative materials available year round to credit union members.

“We’re monitoring industry trends to bring our credit unions the most relevant promotional materials and are constantly enhancing our campaigns,” said Cassie Melvin, vice president of Marketing, CSCU.

“These proven, effective marketing tools are having a big impact on credit unions of all sizes.”

Free printed balance transfer kits and statement inserts are currently available as on-demand marketing materials for member credit unions. Credit unions can access CSCU’s complete suite of marketing resources, including balance transfer promotional materials, at

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