CrediVia brings new experience to multifamily financing

Company expands marketplace to reach more CRE lenders, borrowers with a smarter, simpler, faster loan process

RALEIGH, NC (July 17, 2019) — CrediVia launched last fall as a hospitality financing marketplace intent on driving smarter decisions and stronger engagement in the loan process. Today the company has announced expanded platform capabilities to execute multifamily deals as well, part of its ongoing mission to become the preferred source for more effective and transparent commercial real estate lending.

Multifamily loans already make up close to half of the commercial real estate market, with the conditions ripe for even more growth. Demographic data confirms a preference for apartment living and apartment occupancy continues to increase across the country. Nonbank CRE lending recently reported impressive volumes. Meanwhile, more banks and credit unions are continuing to expand their CRE footprints as they seek deeper ties with business borrowers and regulatory changes have created favorable conditions for smaller institutions to get back in the game.

Anuj Mittal, CEO and co-founder of CrediVia, explained, “We came on the scene to specifically serve the niche vertical of hotel financing, the riskiest of CRE assets. Our greater mission, however, has not changed: to provide speed, transparency and ease of transaction to both the lender and borrower. Opening our marketplace up to multifamily lending only expands the reach of who can benefit from being a part of a retooled process that removes much of the unnecessary friction in funding a loan.”

CrediVia is a cloud-based platform that securely connects interested lenders and qualified borrowers through a simpler, faster and more communicative loan experience. Borrowers are able to centralize all data and documents for any loan request. Whether it’s a construction project, a property purchase or a refinance, borrowers enter and upload information only once before being submitted to multiple lenders. Lenders on the marketplace have applicants who meet their borrowing criteria sourced directly to their queue, and receive a complete loan package at the onset to expedite the loan’s decisioning and underwriting.

Because CrediVia intently matches each loan request to viable financing options based on predetermined criteria, there’s a greater assurance that deals will make it to closing. Through the marketplace, lenders can expedite their traditional due diligence – without compromising on quality – by having complete applicant information upfront. At the same time, borrowers are afforded greater visibility into their deal throughout the process. They also benefit from receiving multiple quotes at once, simplifying their evaluation of competitive terms and making a better decision for their business, faster.

Michael Richardson, CrediVia’s chief commercial officer, added, “There is no typical profile of a multifamily borrower; the risk is reasonable and there are vast opportunities to explore an initial investment or diversify through these projects. And for these reasons, it’s all the more critical that these individuals have an intuitive, efficient and uncomplicated means to credit. Similarly, multifamily assets are a common stepping stone to more sophisticated CRE financing for many institutions looking to build or broaden their business lending portfolio. CrediVia’s move into multifamily is a direct response to listening to the market, and responding with a solution that relieves the common pressures and interruptions found in these exchanges. We’re here to drive the loan process forward.”

About CrediVia

CrediVia is a cloud-based platform that directly connects commercial real estate lenders and borrowers, allowing them to have the greatest potential for mutual success. The online marketplace keeps the application process simple, fast and transparent without sacrificing the loan’s integrity. CrediVia becomes borrowers’ return source for new financing, and lenders’ reliable partner for loan relationships tailored to their portfolio. Visit or follow @CrediVia for more information


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