CrossState Solutions announces Alacriti as a partner

HARRISBURG, PA (July 27, 2021)Alacriti and CrossState Solutions have partnered to help its New Jersey and Pennsylvania credit unions of all sizes with comprehensive digital payments and money movement services.

Alacriti’s mission is to help credit unions accelerate their digital payments transformation. Consumers expect seamless, modern money movement experiences across accounts, billers, brokerages, and peers. Alacriti’s comprehensive money movement and payments services platform is on a flexible, cloud-native framework, allowing credit unions to deliver the innovation that today’s users demand, while seamlessly integrating with their internal infrastructures.

“Digital payments have been relevant but became even more relevant over the past year,” said Robin Brunner, Senior Vice President of CrossState Solutions. “We are excited to bring our credit unions a solution that can help them gain operational efficiency and enhance their members’ experience, in particular the ability to make real time loan payments digitally.”

Alacriti’s money movement services include:  Account to Account (A2A) Transfers, Person to Person (P2P) Payments, Bill Pay, Loan Pay, Digital Disbursements, Instant Account Funding, and Real Time Payments via TCH. Credit unions can quickly deliver a full spectrum of money movement services without significant upfront capital investments. Their SaaS-based operating model scales with the credit union, eliminating the need for large upfront investments.

“We are excited to partner with CrossState to help its credit unions modernize payments experiences for their members,” said Manish Gurukula, CEO, Alacriti. “The expectations for increasingly modern digital payment and money movement capabilities and experiences are accelerating. We built Orbipay Unified Money Movement Services to offer credit unions an open, flexible, and standards-based platform for payment transformation that will let them modernize, one step at a time.”

About Alacriti

Alacriti is a leading financial technology company with a comprehensive money movement and payments services platform dedicated to helping clients accelerate their digital transformation. Built on a flexible, cloud-native framework, Alacriti's array of solutions allows clients to deliver the money movement experiences and payments innovation that today's users demand while seamlessly integrating with their internal infrastructures.

About CrossState Solutions

CrossState Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CrossState Credit Union Association, supports a strong, vibrant climate for credit unions in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and throughout the nation by offering innovative products and services to move credit unions forward.  To learn more, visit   For partnership inquiries, please contact


Kristen Jason
Director of Product Marketing

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