CSCU Announces 2013 “Cameo” Award Winners

Best marketing campaigns of the year to be unveiled at annual conference

 TAMPA, FL (March 8, 2013) – Card Services for Credit Unions (CSCU) today announced the winners of its 2013 CAMEO Card Marketing Awards, which recognize member credit unions that developed the most innovative and resourceful marketing campaigns of the year.  Winners will be awarded at CSCU’s Solutions Conference, April 24-28 at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Ninety-one entries from 70 credit unions nationwide were submitted for this year’s CAMEO competition.  All winners receive conference registration waivers, and overall and category winners receive travel funds to attend the meeting, where attendees will have the opportunity to network and learn industry best practices from other credit unions.

“Our annual conference provides a forum for credit unions to share those best practices that have improved their bottom lines, and marketing efforts are a significant driver of such success,” said Bill Lehman, vice president of portfolio consulting at CSCU.  “The CAMEOs showcase the year’s most successful marketing campaigns that are enabling our members to stay competitive and profitable.”

Following the conference, the 2013 winning campaigns will be added to the Marketing Idea Portal ( where credit unions can search for successful marketing ideas.

The 2013 CAMEO Winners:

Overall Debit Card Campaign

First – Vons Employees Federal Credit Union

Second – Western New York Federal Credit Union

Third – Seacomm Federal Credit Union

Overall Credit Campaign (assets less than $60 million)

First – Columbine Federal Credit Union

Second – Meijer Credit Union

Third – Village Community Credit Union

Overall Credit Campaign (assets $61-$110 million)

First – Delta County Credit Union

Second – Community Alliance Credit Union

Third – GEMC Federal Credit Union

Overall Credit Campaign (assets $111-$175 million)

First – O Bee Credit Union

Second – Saginaw Medical Federal Credit Union

Third – North Star Community Credit Union

Overall Credit Campaign (assets $176-$275 million)

First – Envision Credit Union

Second – Alabama Teachers Credit Union

Third – Red Rocks Credit Union

Overall Credit Campaign (assets $276-$599 million)

First – MAPS Credit Union

Second – SCE Federal Credit Union

Third – Dort Federal Credit Union

 Overall Credit Campaign (assets $600 million to $1.6 billion)

First – Fox Communities Credit Union

Second – Ascend Federal Credit Union

Third – Charter Oak Federal Credit Union

Overall Credit Campaign (assets more than $1.7 billion)

First – Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union

Second – University Federal Credit Union

Third – SECU Credit Union

Activation/Usage (assets less than $100 million)

First – Stamford Federal Credit Union

Second – U.P. State Credit Union

Activation/Usage (assets $100-$500 million)

First – AmeriChoice Federal Credit Union

Second – Advantage One Federal Credit Union

Activation/Usage (assets more than $500 million)

First – Directions Credit Union

Second – SAFE Federal Credit Union

Innovation (assets less than $100 million)

First – TECU Credit Union

Second – Clarence Community & Schools FCU

Innovation (assets $100-$500 million)

First – Oakland County Credit Union

Second – American 1 Credit Union

Innovation (assets more than $500 million)

First – NASA Federal Credit Union

Second – Atlanta Postal Credit Union

Loyalty (assets less than $100 million)

First – Weber State Credit Union

Second – Community Schools Credit Union

Loyalty (assets $100-$500 million)

First – Brightstar Credit Union

Second – San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union

Loyalty (assets more than $500 million)

First – Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union

Second – CoastHills Federal Credit Union

Portfolio Consulting Services

First – Weber State Credit Union

Second – Fox Communities Credit Union

Acquisition (assets less than $100 million)

First – Qside Federal Credit Union

Second – SIR Federal Credit Union

Acquisition (assets $100-$500 million)

First – University of Michigan Credit Union

Second – Elga Credit Union

Acquisition (assets more than $500 million)

First – Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union

Second – Motorola Employees Credit Union

Stand Out Performance (assets less than $100 million)

First – Buffalo Metro Federal Credit Union

Second – CrossRoads Community FCU

Stand Out Performance (assets $100-$500 million)

First – DuPont Goodrich Federal Credit Union

Second – OMNI Community Credit Union

Stand Out Performance (assets more than $500 million)

First – US Federal Credit Union

Second – Marine Federal Credit Union

Honorable Mentions

America’s First Federal Credit Union

Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union

CP Federal Credit Union

FAA Employees Credit Union

FedChoice Federal Credit Union

Fremont Federal Credit Union

Georgia’s Own Credit Union

Kalsee Credit Union

MemberSource Credit Union

Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union

Monroe County Community Credit Union

NuPath Community Credit Union (formerly Wyandotte)

People First Federal Credit Union

PEPCO Federal Credit Union

Vacationland Federal Credit Union

Verity Credit Union

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