CU Assured launches into cyber security

CU Assured introduces their new unified security management product to credit unions

TALLAHASSEE, FL (January 12, 2018) — Jim Giacobbe, President and CEO of United Solutions Company, and Shea Lambert, Chief Technology Officer of United Solutions Company, announce the launch of CU Assured, a unified security management platform.

CU Assured, a cyber-security solution for credit unions and other financial institutions around the country, was designed to be comprehensive yet affordable. CU Assured is aunified platform that combines five key security capabilitieswith expert threat intelligence.

“We wanted a solution that would give credit unions real insight into what’s happening across their infrastructure, while easing the burden of auditing and compliance,” stated Shea Lambert, Chief Technology Officer at United Solutions Company. “It needed to be a product that could use and enhance their existing security portfolio, while at the same time reducing the complexity and cost of security management. We’ve done that with CU Assured.”

It is no longer a matter of if, but WHEN you will be attacked, and therefore you need to make sure your credit union has the best defenses available.  CU Assured is a state-of-the-art managed security system that incorporates many areas of security in one quality product. Thisall-in-one hosted solution provides deep intrusion detection, asset management, compliance reporting, behavioral management, SIEM & log management, vulnerability assessments, and more.  Why purchase half a dozen different products to do the job that CU Assured can do with one seamless product?

“CU Assured is a next generation security product that combines all of our security needs into a single pane of glass,” explains Jim Giacobbe, President and CEO of United Solutions Company. “We tested CU Assured against our previous system with multiple products that didn’t integrate well, and CU Assured continuously outperformed our existing infrastructure.  CU Assured is saving us money and making us more efficient.”

Our Managed Security Service helps credit unions gain visibility, meet compliance, and lower overall IT Security costs.  Best of all, your data never leaves your credit union.  Let us protect you with CU Assured MSSP.Learn more about CU Assured at

About CU Assured

CU Assured began with an idea from Santo Cannone, a member of the Board of Directors for United Solutions Company. He approached Jim Giacobbe, President and CEO, and Shea Lambert, Chief Technology Officer, with the idea of an affordable cyber security system. A system that could give credit unions visibility into all their security products in one pane of glass. A few months later and CU Assured was born. Incorporating features that include Intrusion Detection, Asset Discovery, Ticket Tracking, Behavioral Monitoring, Vulnerability Assessment, Compliance Reporting, SIEM and Log Management. Leveraging our multiple data centers and business partnerships, CU Assured integrated all elements of security to provide credit unions with a singular comprehensive platform at an affordable rate. Visit for more information.


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