CU Control revolutionizes how credit union CIO’s manage IT security and compliance

HAGERSTOWN, MD (June 2, 2015) — Ongoing Operations, a CUSO focused on delivering innovative business continuity, Cloud and SAAS based solutions for credit unions and Fintech providers, recently expanded its offerings to include CU CONTROL – a Credit Union IT Management and Compliance Solution.

Ongoing Operations has developed an Information Technology Management Solution – CU CONTROL to lighten the management AND compliance role of today’s credit union CIO’s. CU Control helps you sleep better by enabling enterprise Security Compliance control, data aggregation, reporting, and management of almost all of your infrastructure.

“Today’s credit union CIO’s are faced with the daunting task of providing the most robust and convenient access to member services in the most secure way possible,” said Kirk Drake, CEO of Ongoing Operations. “Our goal is to make that complex task much more manageable.”

OGO has mapped CU Control to the NCUA AIRES Check list and integrated CU Control into the entire OGO platform. Credit Unions can leverage any or all of OGO’s enterprise security tools through this new solution.

Credit unions interested in learning more about how CU Control can reduce their labor related to IT Security and NCUA compliance and refocus IT staff on more meaningful projects, should visit

About Ongoing Operations

Ongoing Operations helps credit unions and Fintech providers solve four key problems: How can I operate regardless of an IT disruption? How can I focus more on being a credit union/serving my members and less on infrastructure? How can I spend time innovating instead of complying?  How can I make sure my members’ data doesn’t get out of our hands?

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