CU Exchange Blueprint: A Unique Turnkey Member Tool

Introduced by EPL, positions Credit Unions as a community hub

BIRMINGHAM, AL (March 26, 2013) – The US healthcare market is changing.  With the pending impact of the Obama Affordable Healthcare Act, credit unions can play a vital role.  With 95 million members served, and counting, the credit union industry is uniquely positioned as a “community hub” with local businesses and employee-members.

The healthcare act is changing how employers provide insurance and will certainly change how employees actually acquire coverage for their families.  Collectively, more than 180 million people will face the need for gaining insurance access.

According to a recent survey by Aon Hewitt, the vast majority of large and mid-size U.S. employers — 94% — say they’ll continue to offer health benefits to their employees in the next three to five years, but almost two-thirds plan to move away from a traditional “managed trend” approach to one that requires participants to take a more active role in their health care planning.  This looming trend points to the need for employees to find new channels for learning about insurance options and a source for acquiring health insurance.

Herein lies the opportunity for credit unions to become community hubs for health insurance and becoming the bridge to employers groups and employees.

The Credit Union Exchange Blueprint (CUEB) is a turnkey-solution that will help credit unions nationwide deliver unique and easy-to-use insurance access for members and becoming the “community hub” for information and centralized insurance options.  Providing a customized and branded web portal with insurance options, 24×7 expert call center, and complete training, the CUEB is the nation’s first private exchange dedicated to credit unions and their members.  The Exchange will help members navigate through health care reform’s complexities and position credit unions as a trusted advisor.  As members wrestle to understand options and coverage, the CUEB will become an informational resource for them while enabling credit unions to leverage the Exchange’s expertise and products.

“The credit union industry is positioned in communities across the country and can truly become the ‘community hub’ for information, ideas and insurance options.  We have created a specific process for credit unions that is a complete turnkey program. At the core, the Credit Union Exchange Blueprint offers participating credit unions the ability to become a community hub for insurance options and the added benefit of developing stronger relationships and new member growth,” said Wayne Benson, EPL President and CEO. “The Exchange Blueprint is a comprehensive program that will enable credit unions to better understand health care reform and become the only necessary point of contact for members—the community hub.  The CUEB can be used for credit union employees, members and the community at large.”

“The CUEB will train and educate credit union personnel and members, provide all of the tools and technology, as well as supply marketing materials. Access via a custom branded web portal allows 24×7 member access and is tied to a member-friendly call center or instant answers to questions on insurance and guidance on selecting the proper coverage.  Credit unions will have access to many health insurance products in the marketplace and have the assistance to facilitate the transition on behalf of credit union members and employees.”

“The new health care provisions are complicated, and fail to accomplish their chief mission: to make health insurance more affordable without compromising quality or access to key providers,” explains Josh Hilgers, Founder of Health Partners of America. “Without the right kind of health insurance exchange, backed by the expertise of industry professionals from Health Partners of America, the nation risks economic and political turmoil as nearly 185 million citizens – people currently covered by employee-provided insurance – enter the marketplace. The CU Exchange Blueprint that we created with EPL is the solution for positioning a credit union in the community, complemented by the wisdom and availability our experts offer. By these standards, this partnership is a proverbial win-win scenario for the credit union and its members.”

About EPL
A credit union owned core data system and technology solutions provider, EPL has served the technology needs of credit unions exclusively for 34 years.  EPL delivers full service solutions that enable credit unions to differentiate themselves within their community in an increasingly competitive market. EPL’s totally open strategy includes solutions for lending, shared branching, collections, document imaging, and more. More than a core data provider, EPL provides the tools a credit union needs to connect with their members and meet their ongoing financial needs.  EPL serves hundreds of credit unions nationwide. Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, EPL can be found online at or call (800) 243-4375 x5437.

About Health Partners America
Founded in 2007, Health Partners America provides insurance brokers with the tools, training and technology to help businesses deliver quality health coverage using affordable solutions. The company offers the industry’s first broker-friendly private health insurance exchange with over 100 successful implementations, insurance training and workshops. Company representatives share their thought leadership at various business industry events. Learn more at

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