CU Healthcare Coalition returns more than $1 million to its members

For the second consecutive year, the coalition’s nine participating credit unions received a combined rebate of more than $1 million in unused premiums.

PLANO, TX (April 12, 2023) — The CU Healthcare Coalition, a group of nine credit unions who banded together to take control of their healthcare costs, announced today that it has returned more than $1 million in unused premiums to its members. This marks the second consecutive year that the coalition has returned such a large sum of money to its member credit unions.

One of the highest fixed costs in healthcare plans is the premium paid for protection against large claims, which employers typically pay to insurance companies regardless of how much healthcare is used by employees. The CU Healthcare Coalition, created by CU Benefits Alliance CUSO, deconstructed the traditional plan structure, allowing for the return of unused premiums to its members.

“Returning unused premiums to our members is a win-win situation,” said John Harris, CU Benefits Alliance CEO. “Our members can enjoy lower upfront costs while also receiving a portion of their premium back at the end of the year. It’s a double whammy.”

Formed in 2020 and continuing to grow, the credit union-exclusive coalition’s unique approach to healthcare is producing significant cost savings for its members without compromising on the quality of the benefits plans it offers its employees. In many cases, credit unions are reallocating their savings into more expansive employee benefit offerings.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our employees a healthcare plan that is both affordable and flexible,” said Tim Smith, CFO at Workers Credit Union (CU Coalition Member). “We believe in lowering healthcare expenses for our valuable employees and their families while also improving the quality of their health plan, and the CU Healthcare Coalition makes that possible.”

The CU Healthcare Coalition is committed to continuing to return unused premiums to its members in the coming years, helping credit unions across the country save money while providing the highest quality healthcare plans.For more information about the CU Healthcare Coalition, please visit

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