CU Members Mortgage enhances homebuyer education resources

DALLAS, TX (October 27, 2020)CU Members Mortgage has enhanced the homebuyer education resources within its online mortgage application webpage to help members understand more about financing a home. The new resources will better educate and prepare members for financing a home and can be utilized anytime.

The homebuyer education enhancement includes:

  • A short video about applying online to ease anxiety about the process.
  • Easy-to-understand modules that break down the home buying process into simple sections.
  • Helpful calculators to estimate the costs of financing a home such as how much home can you afford, comparing loan terms, paying discount points for a lower rate and the impact of making extra payments.
  • Plus, frequently asked questions and answers are available to quickly find information.

Along with the new homebuyer resources online, CU Members has also reworked their homebuyer education seminar to assist credit unions in sharing homebuyer education as a class. The new presentation works with the online homebuyer resources with the same line-up of modules to make it easier for a member to dive deeper into the online content and find the information they need quicker.

In addition, CU Members created an at-a-glance guide for members to learn more about attending a homebuyer certification program. These classes are a different type of program required by some loan programs and offer a certificate of completion.  The guide outlines ten different certification programs available and includes information such as how much the program costs, how long it takes, what information they will learn and additional helpful details. The guide makes identifying the right certification program a breeze.

“Home buying has been digital for quite some time. Members search for a home online, apply for a mortgage online and in some cases even close the loan online. However, in-person homebuyer seminars are still a part of the education process,” explained Steve Hewins, SVP with CU Members Mortgage.  “As Americans have had to avoid groups and stay remote, it changed the need for homebuyer education to not only be online, but more comprehensive as we’ve moved away from homebuyer seminars and into a new world of digital learning. These enhancements provide more information to the member whenever and wherever they need, and give us a chance to put them at ease about the process of financing a home.”

Credit unions who partner with CU Members have the opportunity to brand an online application page with these homebuyer education resources available to members.

Steve Hewins

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