CU Members Mortgage Offers 60-inch TV as Grand Prize for Quarterly Marketing Contest

DALLAS, TX (September 13, 2013) — With a 60-inch VIZIO flat screen television offered as a grand prize, credit union mortgage services provider CU Members Mortgage has commenced with its quarterly mortgage marketing contest for credit union clients that produce powerful campaigns to promote their mortgage services. CU Members Mortgage credit union clients submit their marketing efforts for a chance to win a quarterly award. Each quarterly winner will then be entered into the grand prize drawing to win a 60-inch VIZIO television at the end of the company’s fiscal year September 2014.

Eligible marketing materials include any mortgage-focused campaigns, lobby displays, advertisements, articles, newsletters, public relations efforts, community events, member seminars, cross-selling or internal promotions. CU Members Mortgage judging committee will review credit union entries to choose each quarterly winner, and a random drawing conducted from the four quarterly winners for the grand prize award in September 2014 for the monster flat screen TV.

Credit union quarterly winners receive:

  • Award recognizing the credit union for their efforts of achievement
  • Press release promoting the winning submission to all trade publications for national recognition
  • Each winner will be entered into a grand prize drawing for the 60-inch VIZIO television

Deadline for entries each quarter:

  • December 30, 2013
  • March 30, 2014
  • June 29, 2014
  • September 15, 2014


Only CU Members Mortgage credit union partners may apply.

“We have conducted this quarterly marketing contest in years past, however we’ve never offered a flat screen television and we hope this incentive will encourage our partners to push their marketing efforts,” states Linda Clampitt, Senior Vice-President of CU Members Mortgage. “The mission behind this contest is to encourage credit unions to focus on mortgage lending within their marketing efforts. Mortgage lending is a great income opportunity to our partners and we feel encouraging their efforts will help drive profits to the industry and satisfy the needs of their members at the same time.  It’s a win-win for everyone.”

About CU Members Mortgage
Founded in 1982 as a division of Colonial Savings, Dallas-based CU Members Mortgage provides comprehensive mortgage services to more than 1,000 credit unions, CUSOs, and leagues nationwide. CU Members Mortgage originates more than $2 billion in FHA, VA, and conventional loans each year. With a portfolio of $20 billion, it is one of the largest servicers of mortgage loans in the United States. Advanced technology, including a dedicated website with an online mortgage application that delivers confirmation in minutes, makes CU Members Mortgage one of the industry’s leading resources for mortgage services. The company is privately held and has branches located nationwide. For more information, visit:

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