CU of Georgia’s new BloomCU- designed website is built to help problem-solve

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UT (February 25, 2020) — Life often brings a variety of different financial puzzles. People might want to fund the next stage of life, finally get the dream house, or get their credit in order. CU of Georgia is interested in creating practical financial solutions for the real financial problems that people have.

This financial problem-solving approach is nothing new to BloomCU, an award-winning design agency with plenty of experience creating practical websites that can help users solve problems. CU of Georgia and BloomCU have begun putting together a brand new credit union website design that will help CU of Georgia meet member needs like never before.

“People go to financial websites with specific questions in mind,” said Derik Krauss, Cofounder of BloomCU. “If they’re members, they want to find solutions to the problems or puzzles that they’re facing. If they’re not yet members, they might be sizing up the feel and offerings of the credit union. We wanted to build a site that could answer the questions that people approach it with.”

What will this problem-solving approach look like? The site will cut excess navigation, design, and copy to present an intentional, streamlined digital experience. When people get lost in the links, they can become less intentional about their initial inquiry. CU of Georgia’s new site will seek to cut down on the distractions to help members and potential members quickly solve the financial puzzles of their lives. And if users get stuck, the site always leads to relevant contact information for people to learn more.

The new site will also meet CU of Georgia’s values of innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Through BloomCU’s latest tech and designs, members of CU of Georgia should be getting a faster, more comprehensive web experience.

About BloomCU

BloomCU LLC helps credit unions design results-driven websites that increase loans and accounts. They work with credit unions in 25 states across the US, many of which have won awards or recognition for their websites from CUNA, MAC, The Financial Brand, Credit Union Times, CUES, and others. The company has a reputation for designing beautiful websites that feature intelligent technologies (e.g., personalization, chatbots, integrated origination experiences) and then optimizing those sites continuously to grow loans, deposits, and membership.

About CU of Georgia

Proudly serving Northwest Georgia for almost 60 years, the Credit Union of Georgia values personalized service and practical financial solutions.
They’re happy to offer excellent loans and savings rates backed with local decision making and community-first services.


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