CU Risk Intelligence names LeDu as Chief Executive Officer

Management Contract creates alignment between CU Risk Intelligence and League InfoSight

LIVONIA, MICH (September 22, 2022) — CU Risk Intelligence (CURI), a leading industry provider of GRC solutions AffirmX, ComplySight, and CU Vendor Management, announced that Glory LeDu has been named as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), succeeding Dave Adams who resigned to facilitate the management alliance with League InfoSight.

LeDu will also continue to serve as the CEO of League InfoSight, a position she has maintained since 2017, providing combined leadership over both league-owned entities. Adams will continue as Chairman of the Board for CURI. Since its formation in 2019, CURI has engaged CU Solutions Group (CUSG) to manage the company through a management contract. CUSG CEO Dave Adams has overseen a small CUSG team that has provided leadership and product management services. This management contract now transfers to League InfoSight with Glory as CEO of both companies.
Representing the CURI Board, Adams described the management shift as a natural next step for CURI. “Both CURI and League InfoSight exist to help credit unions gain high-quality compliance and risk management services via a network of state and regional associations and their business units. This management alignment will help achieve a logical synergy and alignment between the two companies. In the case of League InfoSight, products like InfoSight, CU PolicyPro are provided as a value-add to affiliation with access typically funded by the associations. For CURI, its products are best-in-class fee-based products that further assist credit unions of all sizes.”
CU Risk Intelligence is an alliance of credit union leagues, league service corporations and CUSOs including CU Solutions Group, Cornerstone Resources, GoWest Credit Union Association, Indiana Credit Union League, League of Southeastern Credit Unions, Credit Union League of Connecticut, Maryland & DC Credit Union Association, and League InfoSight.  CU Risk Intelligence provides full-service resources through AffirmX to reduce costs and workloads for credit unions associated with regulatory compliance.  ComplySight helps credit unions navigate regulatory compliance through a combination of technology and other resources within the compliance management system and complaint management processes. CU Risk Intelligence also has an ownership interest in CU Vendor Management, which provides credit unions with cost-effective vendor management solutions to credit unions across the country.
League InfoSight is an alliance of credit union leagues and service corporations owned by the Maine Credit Union League, Michigan Credit Union League, Ohio Credit Union League, League of Southeastern Credit Unions, Maryland & DC Credit Union Association, Cornerstone Credit Union League, Illinois Credit Union League, Cooperative Credit Union Association, Credit Union Association of New York, California & Nevada Credit Union Leagues, GoWest Credit Union Association, CrossState Credit Union Association and the Iowa Credit Union League.  League InfoSight provides credit unions, through their Leagues/Associations, with access InfoSight and CU PolicyPro.  Both resources provide credit unions with information, frequently asked questions, checklists, model policies, and procedures to assist credit unions in navigating an evolving and growing regulatory environment.  RecoveryPro is also a product of League InfoSight, providing credit unions with an affordable tool to assist with business continuity planning.
LeDu is thankful and thrilled to be allowed to lead both CU Risk Intelligence and League InfoSight. LeDu stated that “both companies have the same goal of working collaboratively to provide the best and most affordable solutions to member credit unions.  That collaborative mindset allows the organizations to share talent and leverage resources to strengthen the value of offerings for credit unions nationwide!  CU Risk Intelligence and League InfoSight have credit union clients in every state.  We are eager to dive deeper to strengthen our synergies, resources, and alliances to assist credit unions better and provide more tools and comprehensive resources!”
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