CU*Answers delivers 3D Telepresence Communication

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (May 12, 2015) — CU*Answers, the 100% credit union-owned data processor, is taking conversions, communication and relationship building to the next level with three dimensional telepresence. Telepresence is not a new technology. However, with new technological advancements and a partnership with Buffalo Pacific, CU*Answers brings the three dimensional telepresence experience to the credit union space to offer real time, virtual face-to-face interactions.

CU*Answers has enhanced its conversion education curriculum with this technology. The first to encounter this virtual reality education experience is $173 million Monroe County Community Credit Union (MCCCU), a 26,000 member institution based in Monroe, Michigan. With the recent installation of the Omni-Desk telepresence unit at the credit union, staff will receive education and training over the next several months conducted by CU*Answers personnel at their Grand Rapids headquarters. By implementing this technology, CU*Answers and the credit union will reduce travel costs related to the conversion, while still getting a face-to-face interaction when conducting training and meetings.

The telepresence unit’s uses go beyond conversions. Services such as commercial lending or financial investment planning that may have previously required either specialized employees at different branches or for members to visit a central branch can now be done remotely through the use of the Buffalo Pacific telepresence units. Credit unions can now offer these higher yielding services at every branch location without having to staff each location with costly employees.

What makes the Buffalo Pacific units unique and sets them apart from other video conferencing tools is the three dimensional presentation. The personal nature of the interaction is retained by the realism of the user experience. Coupled with an integrated approach to sending and receiving documents and signatures, the technology is the complete package for credit unions looking for new ways to interact with their members.

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