CUES publishes blog post written by c. myers on Strategic Leadership Development

C.myers corporation, a national leader in credit union strategy, recently authored a blog post published by CUES for credit union executives, entitled Practical Ways to Develop Your Next Team of Leaders.

Sally Myers, principal of c. myers corporation said, “One of a credit union’s most precious resource is time for senior leadership to think strategically, especially as they are bombarded with new types of decisions daily.  Intentional focus on cultivating the next team of leaders can go a long way to retaining the right talent and create opportunities for Senior Leadership to have time to think strategically.”

Brian McHenry, senior vice president/principal added, “Seniorleadership teams are regularly faced with tough decisions.  A great way to develop the next members of the senior team is to task them with simulated projects that require working with other emerging leaders across the organization to tackle these tough decisions.  This approach provides valuable insight at multiple levels.”

To read this blog and learn moreabout developingleaders in your credit union, please visit the CUES website.

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