CUES publishes blog post written by C. Myers on strategic people planning

C.myers corporation, a national leader in credit union strategy and real-time ALM decision information, recently authored a blog post published through CUES, for credit union executives entitled Strategic People Planning.

Sally Myers, principal of c. myers corporation said, “As business models evolve, executives and senior leadership teams are seeking different types of talent to execute their unique strategy.  Having the right team requires building the right talent infrastructure in order to be successful in the long term.”

Brian McHenry, senior vice president/principal added, “Strategic clarity is the key to identifying the characteristics needed in team members.”  McHenry continued, “Once you have an understanding of what you need versus what you have, then you can create a strategic plan to close the gap between the two, and grow and maintain that talent over time.”

To read this blog and learn more about linking talent needs with your credit union’s long-term strategy, please visit the CUES website.

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