CUES publishes strategic CECL articles by C. Myers

C.myers corporation, a national leader in strategy and decision information, authored two articles that look at life under CECL. Published through CUES, a not-for-profit international membership association for credit union executives, the articles move beyond the typical forecast data discussions of CECL to certain outcomes – and unintended consequences.

The first article, Look Beyond the Data, examines a key strategic ramification that could result from CECL – the possible disconnect between financials and ultimate financial performance.  This article is also available in the July 2018 print issue of Credit Union Management Magazine.  Two More Strategic CECL Concerns, the second article, addresses potential volatility in financial reporting in an economic downturn and why a significant mindset shift in how success is measured is needed.

“The articles share the major unexpected takeaways realized by credit union executives who attended our CECL workshops,” said Rob Johnson, executive vice president/principal, c. myers.  “CECL is a fact of life and credit unions who prepare early will be in a better position to address CECL and to create business opportunities.”

Don’t let CECL undermine the strategic focus of the credit union.  For more information, please visit our website.

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