CUES®, TRC Interactive bring online fraud prevention training to the industry

MADISON, WI (February 20, 2020) — CUES and partner TRC Interactive are pleased to bring First Line of Defense, a low cost, scenario-based fraud prevention training tool, to the industry.

Subscribers to the service will receive a new edition quarterly, each containing 10 to 12 training scenarios representing real-life fraud attempts as reported by the FBI and the Office of the Comptroller.

“First Line of Defense is highly interactive,” said Jay H. Bowden, Chief Financial Officer, TRC Interactive. “In each scenario, the learner virtually meets and interacts with a member who is requesting a transaction. They can request the same documents they would see in real life, and all are customized to show your credit union’s routing number and MCIS. What’s more, checks, driver’s licenses, state IDs, and other documents will be from your state or surrounding states.”

When the learner has completed all the lessons, First Line of Defense generates a report demonstrating how much money the decisions made would have saved or cost the credit union.

“The report is a great way to keep track of your ROI. And, credit unions can have as many staff members go through the scenarios as they’d like, making it even more cost-effective,” said Laura Lynch, Products & Services Manager, CUES.

Each subscription also includes Just In, a supplemental reading section that highlights the newest reported fraud schemes, and Branch Activities, a supplemental learning tool giving subscribers the option to extend in-person training to reinforce policies and procedures.

To see pricing, request a demonstration, and learn more, visit Learn more about TRC Interactive at, and more about CUES at

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Tony Hill, SVP/Chief Marketing Officer

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