CULedger to host company update, live online demo at DCU Fintech Innovation Center

Event will demonstrate how credit unions can leverage distributed ledger technology to prevent fraud and enhance member authentication

CULedger, a credit union-owned CUSO that focuses on delivering innovative applications to credit unions through its cross-border global distributed ledger platform, is hosting a live stream special event at the DCU Fintech Innovation Center in Boston on January 18, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. EST.

The event will give the financial industry a first look at CULedger’s flagship product, MyCUID. MyCUID is a platform built on distributed ledger technology (DLT) that enables credit unions to detect and prevent call center fraud and enable self-sovereign identity for members. Additionally, viewers will learn more about the digital landscape currently available to credit unions and how DLT is positioned to significantly impact organizations and their members. CULedger will open the floor for a Q&A portion after the demonstration.

“Over the next few years, DLT will become a key component of credit unions’ investment in innovation, and the platforms built on this technology, such as MyCUID, will provide members with the most trusted options for digital identity, lending, cross-border payments and more,” said Julie Esser, chief engagement officer of CULedger. “We are elated to show credit unions the future of digital engagement during our live stream special event.”

The event will be streamed live worldwide and available for replay on CUBroadcast, Credit union executives, blockchain developers, startups, media and others are invited to attend onsite.

Viewers and attendees are encouraged to engage on social media platforms using the hashtags #MyCUIDSneakPeek and #CULedgerLivestream. Limited seats are available and in-person attendees must RSVP. For more information about the event or to reserve your seat, please visit

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