Cummins Allison explains how credit unions can leverage self-service coin counters to support a foundation of quality service

PROSPECT, IL (June 17, 2014) — Credit unions have long differentiated themselves by offering personalized financial services to members of their local communities. This foundation of customer-centricity has served credit unions well. According to recent research by Callahan and Associates, since 1993, credit union membership has increased by more than 50 percent. Likewise, the latest “American Customer Satisfaction Index” revealed that 85 percent of respondents believe credit unions excel when it comes to convenience and quality of service.1

To retain current members, attract new ones and maintain high member satisfaction credit unions must constantly strive to offer value-added services that enhance the member experience. Cummins Allison, the leading innovator and provider of check, currency and coin handling solutions as well as ATMs, explains how self-service coin counters can help credit unions build on their foundation of quality service.

Self-Service Coin Machines Are a Service Members Can Count On

Successful credit unions have realized that self-service coin counters are a cost-effective way to improve customer service and member satisfaction. In fact, in a recent survey, 89 percent of credit unions cited adding a value-added service to their branches as the top reason they offer self-service coin redemption.2

Amy Landis, teller supervisor, Hopewell Federal Credit Union explains, “Member service was the number one driver behind the decision to install coin counting technology in our branches. Rolling coin and then bringing it into our facility is tedious and time-consuming. We wanted to make things as convenient as possible for our members.”

Offering a self-service coin option in the lobby eliminates the need for members to count and wrap their coins; they can avoid long teller lines while holding heavy coin containers and they can have a faster, more meaningful exchange with the teller when cashing in their coin redemption receipt.

In addition, self-service coin redemption is a service that members want. In fact, 80 percent of members surveyed reported they would switch from a teller to a self-service coin machine and they believe their satisfaction would measurably increase as result; with many indicating they would use the machine “all the time”.3

Engaging Customers with Personalized Services

Credit unions can also leverage self-service coin machines to build on their dedication to providing personalized financial services to their members, which can translate into member loyalty. Many of today’s machines can be customized with features that make them more engaging; such as enabling members to make deposits directly into their checking or savings account or opt to get a portion back, while depositing the rest.

Other functions, such as onscreen advertising features can serve as a simple, yet effective marketing tool that helps members learn about new programs and services. Members then have the opportunity to ask tellers for more information about a promotion, leading to an increase in high-quality teller interaction.

For more information on how your credit union can leverage self-service coin counters to achieve customer service goals, enhance the member experience and build member loyalty, visit:

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