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A vital component to every credit union’s success is being able to continually grow its membership through innovative strategies and market focuses. For many credit unions, the most challenging piece of the puzzle is when it comes to strategies for bringing new members through the doors.  This year’s 2010 CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference is focused on putting all the pieces together to grow membership and revenue.

The 2010 CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference is a learning experience designed to help all credit unions – community chartered and otherwise – discover innovative new methods of growth, including: 

  • How to launch growth initiatives, including ones that reach out to the rapidly expanding youth and underserved populations.
  • Strategic ways to use traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies, like social media, to build relationships in the community.
  • How to grow revenue and stay strong through recessionary times.

Highlights of this year’s conference include two notable keynote speakers: Dr. Kevin Freiberg and Ty Warren.  Dr. Freiberg is the author of BOOM! 7 Choices for Blowing the Doors Off Business-As-Usual and president of San Diego Consulting Group. Warren is the author of White Hat Leadership: How to Maximize Personal and Employee Productivity, as well as a consultant with more than 30 years of experience in management training, CEO development, and marketing.

General sessions will focus on:

  • Economic Outlook for Credit Unions – Few times in our nation’s history have credit unions encountered economic challenges like they face today. What credit unions all seek is information that will help prepare, enlighten, and guide them as they look forward to the coming years. CUNA senior economist Steve Rick will provide valuable insights needed to move successfully into next year.
  • Best Practices in Community Credit Union Performance – With a difficult earnings environment and mandates to rebuild capital, credit unions are focused on near-term strategies to not only improve efficiencies, but also to leverage existing member relationships for increased revenue. Discover strategies to improve community development activities and grow new product lines.
  • Compliance Issues Impacting Credit Unions – CUNA’s compliance experts will address share insurance costs and the corporate credit union issue, the impact of regulatory reform on credit unions, the growing compliance burden, changes in NCUA’s field of membership policies, and other issues that impact credit union operations.

The 2010 Community Credit Union of the Year Award will be presented during the conference.  The award recognizes the outstanding work being done by community credit unions across the country.

The conference registration fee is $895 per person ($1,095 after September 7, 2010).  CUNA Council members receive $100 discount. To learn more about the 2010 CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference and to register, visit


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