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Current economic challenges have impacted almost every level of how credit unions are conducting business; from how to deal with members to how to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in the market. Employees are feeling deflated and de-motivated in a time when they need to be more productive than ever.  This year’s CUNA Experience Learning Live! will occur October 21–23 in San Diego, and will focus on ways to maximize the ability to boost staff energy, energize the dedication of volunteers and increase member satisfaction.

CUNA Experience Learning Live! is for credit union professionals responsible for staff performance, development, retention and recruiting. This program is designed to give long-lasting experiences and networking opportunities while exploring hard-hitting topics and cutting-edge training techniques.

Main stage headliners, topics and descriptions include:

Kirk Weisler, author of “The Dog Poop Initiative”

Creating an Outrageously Cool Culture Where Engagement is High, Connections are Strong, Change is Awesome and People are Not Just Feeling Good, They’re Feeling the LOVE: Creating outstanding experiences for members and co-workers is the natural result of having an engaged, enthused and inspired culture where people feel a sense of purpose, a sense of pride and a sense of connectedness.

Paul Wesselmann, creator of The Ripples Project

Encouraging Inclusion: Leadership & the Art of Nurturing Diversity: Each time one person feels less valued, the entire community suffers as that person withdraws her/his unique contributions. Whether we are thinking about our organization or considering the global community, leadership includes a responsibility to strengthen our individual and team potential.

Lou Russell, CEO of Russell Martin & Associates

I’m O.K., You’re Insane: The People Side of Project Management: You apply solid project management approaches, you work your plan, you roll with the punches, but you’re still having trouble with the people that you need to get the project done. If you’re managing multiple projects with multiple stakeholders, all of whom don’t have to help you unless they want to, this session is for you.

Andy Janning, assistant vice president of training and quality service for FORUM Credit Union

You did it! How ELL Can Get You Fired…or Fired Up!: In this funny, fast-paced, and brutally honest grand finalé to ELL, a self-confessed credit union junkie will show you how to spot the HR and training department dysfunctions that could kill your ideas and your career. More importantly, he’ll show you how to keep your shiny new initiatives on track, become an indispensable part of your credit union’s future and stay fired up long after you leave ELL.

Each participant will receive training from industry experts, networking opportunities including a roster of all attendees, a program portfolio, a six-month trial subscription to Credit Union Magazine, 100% satisfaction guarantee and enjoyment of the Hard Rock Hotel.

The registration fee is $895 per person for the entire session. For more information, visit or call 800-356-9655, ext. 4249.


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