CUNA HR/TD Council White Paper discusses staff turnover in credit unions

MADISON, WI (August 15, 2014)  Would it be surprising to hear that employee turnover in the credit union world is pretty low at the moment, all things considered?

Probably not, given the fact that in 2012, the average turnover rate for credit unions with $1 million or more in assets was 12 percent (source: CUNA Turnover and Staffing Report 2013-2014). Such a number is impressively low, but that doesn’t mean the credit union movement is in the clear when it comes to this area. Namely, there’s still a cost to low turnover.

A new white paper from the CUNA HR/TD Council, “Staff Turnover in Credit Unions: Its Effect on an Organization” addresses:

  • the various components that make up the true cost of turnover,
  • the “other side” of turnover (i.e., not all of it should be seen as bad);
  • the areas or aspects credit union executives can address, invest in, or review to improve their organization’s turnover situation; and
  • the role of the economy and the new generation of employees when it comes to employee turnover.

CUNA Council members are eligible to receive a complimentary copy of this white paper, and more than 300 others.

“Staff Turnover in Credit Unions: Its Effect on an Organization” is available online in the white paper section of

Press may contact Natalie Sherry at for a copy of the white paper.

CUNA HR/TD Council
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