CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Dispels Myths about Marketing

MADISON, WI (June 17, 2013) A new credit union marketer is emerging — one who understands how data can drive decisions, one who measures, shows and shares results for marketing initiatives. This marketer knows how to collaborate with other credit unions, while maintaining a unique brand identity; the marketer builds internal bridges, manages risk, and is sought after as a potential CEO. For this 21st century marketer to flourish, many myths that affect the profession must be put to rest.

A new white paper, from the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council,  “Marketing is Easy and Other Myths:  Strategies to Demystify Ten Misunderstandings That Plague Credit Union Marketing Professionals,” dispels ten of the most common misunderstandings that concern the ever-changing role of credit union marketing by asking:

  • How do marketers show overall value to the credit union?
  • In what ways can credit unions work together to gain market share?
  • How can marketers position their messages to make better connections with consumers?
  • What skills are important to create better business development and marketing programs?
  • How can marketers work better with CFOs?

CUNA Council members are eligible to receive complimentary copies of this, and over 300 other white papers; non-Council members may purchase white papers for $50 per copy.

The paper is available online in the white paper section of

Press may contact Natalie Sherry at for a copy of the white paper.

About CUNA Marketing and Business Development Council
The CUNA Marketing and Business Development Council is a member-led organization comprised of 1,000+ credit union professionals across the United States. The Council strives to provide superior educational and networking opportunities to help its members be recognized in the credit union industry as the premier experts in credit union marketing, business development, and related disciplines. The CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council is one of the six organizations that make up the CUNA Councils, a network of more than 5,600 credit union professionals. For more information, visit or

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