CUNA Mutual Group announces next generation of Horizon Annuity

Horizon II’s death benefit better protects policyowner legacies

MADISON, WI (June 18, 2019)CUNA Mutual Group announced the recent launch of Horizon II, a new generation of the MEMBERS® Horizon Variable Annuity, offering an enhanced death benefit that provides total purchase payments or current contract value, whichever is greater. This benefit combines with the annuity’s ability to invest in risk control accounts which allow a client to set a personal “comfort zone” of risk and reward.

The Horizon II death benefit feature is intended to give clients more protection during times of market volatility. Contract owners can invest confidently knowing, at a minimum, purchase payments will be returned to their loved ones when they’re gone, regardless of investment performance and market volatility.

“This feature aligns the death benefit with the overall structure of the product, which lets investors set an annual limit, or floor, on potential investment losses for a portion of the portfolio,” said Dave Hanzlik, vice president, annuity and retirement, CUNA Mutual Group. “In a broader sense, it also matches the overall philosophy behind all of our annuities – that investors should have the greatest possible visibility of their investment risk and simple, easy to-understand tools for controlling it.”

Horizon II investors can allocate a portion of their retirement savings to a variable portfolio with full market exposure – with choices of equity, fixed income and specialty subaccounts that fit their risk tolerance and investment style. The remainder is allocated to risk control accounts linked to various market indexes, with a customized downside floor and upside cap. Each year, the owner can adjust their risk control limits to match changing needs and investment outlook.

The value of Horizon II can best be demonstrated to clients using the illustration tool that is now available for appointed advisors. The tool shows how allocations to the risk control accounts and variable subaccount could perform over a chosen time period and also illustrates the death benefit feature. The final printed output can be provided to clients for further understanding.

Available in nearly all 50 states, Horizon II is sold by prospectus through registered representatives and is underwritten by MEMBERS Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of CUNA Mutual Group. Before investing, clients should consider the variable annuity’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the investment company carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about the investment company and should be read carefully before investing. To obtain a Horizon II prospectus, visit

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