CUNA releases Talent Strategy Guide for small credit unions

WASHINGTON, DC (March 7, 2022) — The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Small Credit Union Committee today released the Small Credit Union Talent Strategy Guide to address the challenges and opportunities for talent acquisition. In partnership with CUNA Mutual Group (CMG), the Strategy Guide leverages small credit unions’ unique position in the marketplace to find, attract, and retain talent.

“Smaller credit unions may not always have adequate resources to invest in our staff, but that doesn’t mean that we should wave the white flag when it comes to winning the war for talent,” said Amy Brodersen, President/CEO of Family Focus Federal Credit Union and Chair of the CUNA Small Credit Union Committee. “There are different tools and tactics that credit unions can deploy to remain competitive. We hope this resource helps small credit unions stand out in the eyes of much-needed prospective talent.”

The Strategy Guide includes recommendations on ways small credit unions can find passionate and dedicated applicants, including attracting and retaining talent in a rapidly diversifying labor market. According to the report, small credit unions have a competitive advantage and can attract strong candidates by highlighting the impact that they make on members and the community. While retaining quality talent is challenging for small credit unions, a holistic approach to employee well-being helps address all aspects of the body and mind. This includes access to mental health professionals and assistance dealing with stress, depression, and other concerns.

Despite having smaller budgets, credit unions can find ways to innovate, evolve, and compete. The Strategy Guide includes a checklist of steps that credit unions can take to strengthen their talent pipeline. The resource includes contributions from credit union and industry experts, including:

  • Nate Brock, director, human resources
    LincOne Federal Credit Union, Lincoln, Neb
  • Inna Conner, senior manager, talent management and strategy
    CUNA Mutual Group, Madison, Wis
  • Deborah Fears, president/CEO
    Chicago Post Office Employees Credit Union, Chicago
  • Helen Mickel, president/CEO
    Tongass Federal Credit Union, Ketchikan, Alaska
  • Daniel Mormann, senior director
    Titus Talent Strategies, Milwaukee, Wis
  • Jill Nowacki, president/CEO
    Humanidei + O’Rourke, Ontario, Calif
  • Samira Salem, vice president, diversity, equity, and inclusion
    CUNA, Madison, Wis

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