CUNA to offer Phoenix certification program for volunteer leaders

MADISON, WI (March 23, 2015) — CUNA is offering credit union volunteers an opportunity to elevate their credentials and become Certified Credit Union Volunteer (CCUV) designees at CUNA Volunteer Certification School in Phoenix, October 11-16, 2015.

“CUNA Volunteer Certification School is ideal for new volunteers wanting to hit the ground running, as well as for seasoned volunteers looking to reach the next level. By earning their CCUV designation, attendees demonstrate to their colleagues, their staff, the NCUA and, most importantly, their members, that they are qualified and prepared to lead their credit unions to success,” says Michelle Johnson, CUNA Manager, Instructional Design- Learning Events. “CUNA Volunteer Certification School is the most efficient way for credit union board members to earn their CCUV designations.”

Attendees spend five days attending sessions to develop critical industry knowledge. The expert-led sessions feature need-to-know topics including governance, safety and soundness, CEO oversight, strategic planning and board operations and development. As a way to recognize and certify their professional competence and dedication to their role, attendees will earn their CCUV designations by passing the onsite exams.

“I attended CUNA Volunteer Certification School in 2008 and feel so strongly about the program that I have attended two Volunteer Certification School Updates since then,” says Dale Rutt, board chairman at Sooper CU.

Attendees have the opportunity to network with and learn from their peers attending the CUNA Volunteer Certification School Update who have already earned their CCUV designation.

Learn more and register for CUNA Volunteer Certification School at

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