CUProdigy & Quatrro Processing Services team to provide real-time, core-level fraud prevention

CUProdigy, the leading provider of cloud-based core data processing for credit unions, has partnered with Quatrro Processing Services to integrate Quatrro’s complete fraud detection and prevention suite directly into the CUProdigy core. This tight level of fraud integration is unprecedented in the core processing space.

By integrating directly into the CUProdigy core, Quatrro will be able to analyze transactions in true real time, resulting in faster response times to any potential threat. Also thanks to this tight integration, when a threat is identified in one CUProdigy credit union, Quatrro will be able to instantly alert other participating CUProdigy credit unions.

“We’ve always been committed to providing maximum value for our credit unions,” said CUProdigy Chief Product Officer Amber Harsin. “Because the Quatrro suite will monitor across all payment channels in real time, we can now offer our credit unions maximum fraud protection, too.”

“Real-time integration will allow us to respond faster, which in turn will allow credit unions to be more proactive in their fraud mitigation,” said Quatrro Processing Services President Sriram Natarajan. “This will give CUProdigy credit unions fraud prevention capabilities that rival or even exceed those of the largest banks.”

QPS Contact: Roman Nazarewycz
Phone: (480) 686-8831
QPS Contact: Ankit Maharaj Singh
Phone:  (262) 671-2928

About Quatrro Processing Services

QPS is a leading integrated payment processing services provider serving a diverse and dynamic client base of global financial institutions and technology partners. QPS’ suite of services includes End to End (e2e) technology and services solutions including fraud prevention services, payment gateway solutions, supported with cutting edge technology, data sciences and behavioral analytics, clubbed with a combination of artificial and human intelligence for financial institutions and merchants.

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