CUSO launches new brand: CU*NorthWest Technical Services

LIBERTY LAKE, WA (February 3, 2015) — Washington-based CUSO, CU*NorthWest, is moving to a new era of technical services and has recently announced the first native product and technical service offering from the company. CU*NorthWest is taking the firewall management service directly to its clients on infrastructure now owned and fully deployed by CU*NorthWest.

Prior to the unveiling of the company’s new brand of CU*NorthWest Technical Services (CTS), CU*NorthWest clients received firewall management services from CU*Answers Network Services (CNS), another partner in the network. For the past several years CU*NorthWest has been a regional resource extension for CNS, and has provided primary support and services to CU*NorthWest clients directly.

Firewall management services is simply the first of many planned services to be delivered directly from CU*NorthWest Technical Services.

About CU*NorthWest, Inc.
CU*NorthWest was founded in 2005 and is a 100% credit union-owned CUSO located in Liberty Lake, Washington. CU*NorthWest offers a wide variety of services for credit unions including its flagship CU*BASE® processing system in both an online (ASP) and in-house environment, and Internet development services featuring the It’s Me 247 online banking product. Additional services include web site development, network design and security, bookkeeping services, and a complete e-Document solution. CU*NorthWest provides expertise in implementing technical solutions to operational needs, and helps credit unions form strategic alliances and partnerships. For more information, visit

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