CUSOs conclude food drive challenge

NEW BRIGHTON, MN (December 3, 2013) —  Three Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSO) challenged each other to a month-long food drive to benefit their respective local food shelves. The employees of CU Alliance  based out of Texas and CU Community based out of Tennessee competed against those of CU Companies based out of Minnesota to donate the most goods. CU Companies was the winning team; together the CUSOs collected 7,661 items.
“It was a fun way to educate our organizations about our peers,” said Larry Jackson, CU Community President and COO. “CUSOs play an important role in the financial industry and our friendly competition was a simple way to help everyone see that a larger movement exists.”

President and CEO of CU Alliance Adrian Dominguez adds, “Bringing our CUSOs together to help our individual communities is an extension off of our intensions to help each other fill a need in the financial realm.”

CU Companies’ items were donated to the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf. CU Community’s items were donated to The Love Kitchen and Knoxville Area Rescue Mission. CU Alliance’s items were donated to Cy Hope. “Competition aside, we know our contributions are helping a lot of people and it’s fun to see our employees stepping up and giving what they can for these great causes,” said Brad Crandall, CU Companies President and CEO.

About the CUSOs

CU Alliance is the holding company for Credit Union Acceptance Company, LLC, Member Home Loan, CU Alliance Marketing, Member Auto Center, and Member Auto Sales.  CU Alliance is located in Houston, TX, and was established in 1998. It is a comprehensive provider of indirect lending, mortgage lending, car sales and car buying programs. CU Alliance services 150 credit unions in eight states.
CU Community is a wholly owned subsidiary of ORNL Federal Credit Union, a $1.5 billion credit union in Oak Ridge, TN. CU Community was formed in 2006 to help deliver secondary marketing experience to credit unions throughout Tennessee and currently serves over 20 credit unions in its footprint. Currently, CU Community and its parent, ORNL Credit Union, service over $1 billion in first
CU Companies was created in 1987 by three Minnesota credit unions looking to create economies of scale and offer a competitive mortgage product to their members. Their corporate office is located in New Brighton, MN.  CU Companies is now owned by 66 credit unions and services another 60 credit union throughout the Midwest. Since 1987, they expanded their business to five total units: Mortgage, Title, Realty, Investments, and Commercial Lending.


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