Customized credit union pilot program launched at Georgia Credit Union Affiliates

KENNESAW, GA (June 4, 2015) — LendingPoint, an Atlanta-based leading loan provider, has announced the launch of a pilot program at the Georgia Credit Union Affiliates convention in Savannah in May. This partnership program was specifically designed for credit unions to help them defend and protect their members from new marketplace lenders, while offering their members more robust choice of lending options. This will allow credit unions to provide an alternative loan for their members without any risk, while generating non-interest income.

“We understand the credit union focus on relationships and philosophy of people helping people, but also understand credit unions can’t approve all loans. Our loan program is an extension of the credit union, as we take on the risk and the credit union maintains the relationship with the member. Our success is measured by how many members graduate back to a credit union’s own traditional loan programs,” says Tom Burnside CEO, of LendingPoint.

This new pilot program allows credit unions to provide a greater array of loan alternatives to their customers in this tight lending environment. LendingPoint’s signature pilot program has been tailored to meet credit union demands for greater member engagement and opportunity in the face of increasing financial sector competition.

About LendingPoint

Atlanta-based LendingPoint, a leading signature loan provider, is committed to turning the financial services industry right-side up. LendingPoint creates advanced lending solutions to redefine who is able to access money at fair rates and empower consumers to build financial momentum. LendingPoint’s award-winning leadership team holds intellectual patents for unique modeling of data and credit scoring.

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