CUTEK launches Episys Staffing Service for Symitar Credit Unions

MURRIETA, CA (September 23, 2013) — Oftentimes, discovering a qualified Symitar® Episys® programmer in today’s marketplace is much like the proverbial finding a needle in a haystack scenario. It can be a head-scratching effort that’s time consuming, expensive, and risky. But credit union technology provider and Symitar Episys consultant CUTEK has leveraged its Episys expertise to help credit unions find those elusive Episys programmers with a new service offering, CUTEK Staffing. The new service made its debut at the Symitar Educational Conference and Technology Expo in San Diego, CA, September 9-12, 2013.

CUTEK Staffing Services addresses the time-consuming, expensive, and risky pain points in two areas: Permanent Staffing and Mentoring/Training. This two-pronged approach vastly reduces a credit union’s hire risk via the new service’s in-depth search, selective hiring, and management of all employer responsibilities. The Episys staffing service also employs a creative, cost-saving programmer “time-share” concept that allows credit unions to fully leverage time and talent.

Permanent staffing:  With CUTEK Staffing, credit unions can efficiently “time share” programmers, which is considerably cheaper than the typical ad hoc consultant programmer.  Credit unions are also saved from tedious HR tasks such as: hiring and managing employees, ongoing training, handling taxes and benefits, furnishing equipment and office space, etc.  These time-shared programmers also receive the benefit of working in an environment with expert co-workers at their disposal to talk to, learn from, bounce ideas off of – which result in an increasingly informed and talented programmer.

Mentoring/training:  Many times credit unions hire a programmer thinking this person is a good fit; sometimes it turns out they are not.  CUTEK Staffing can lower this hiring risk by helping write Episys-specific ads, review resumes, and participate in interviews to select a worthy candidate.  Credit unions can even hire on a contract-to-permanent basis; so if the candidate doesn’t work out, they have to treat them like a fired employee.  Once an individual is identified, CUTEK Staffing trains, certifies, provides progress reports and recommendations to turn their contracted Episys talent to a permanent hire.

“Working with our Symitar credit union clients over the years and providing them with thousands of Episys consulting hours, I soon discovered that there was a need to help these credit unions find qualified Episys talent and use it effectively and efficiently,” CUTEK President, Ron Murray, says. “We can use our more than two decades of Episys programming experience to help these credit unions find qualified programmers that will fit their organization and mentor them so that they provide their Credit Union with top-notch work. Instead of Credit Unions searching for talent at other Credit Unions, we can mentor and certify new talent into the Symitar ecosphere.  We feel as experts, we can fulfill this growing necessity as Symitar signs more and more credit unions to use its Episys core processing system.”

About CUTEK Inc.
CUTEK, located in Murrieta, Calif., is a financial technology development and consulting firm for credit unions. Operating nationwide, CUTEK was created so credit unions could expeditiously implement add-on modules and enhance the performance of their core processing systems with pre- and post-conversion services and operation enhancements. For more information on CUTEK, visit

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