CUTEK staffing insurance plan mitigates disasters for credit unions

BOERNE, TX (June 17, 2020) — Every year, disasters strike. Hurricanes, flood, fire, and most recently pandemics can bring business processes to their knees. That said, CUTEK; a credit union IT consulting, programming, and products provider; now offers a Staffing Insurance Plan to ensure credit unions have prepared and trained essential staff resources when they are needed most.

According to CUTEK Vice President of Sales and Client Relations Dawn Murray, no business is totally immune to disaster. But credit unions can take proactive steps to mitigate the impact of a disaster on their business and members. CUTEK’s Staffing Insurance Plan provides the cost-effective, outsourced expertise to train employees, fill staffing needs, and more so credit unions don’t miss a beat serving their members during a challenging time.

Some of the benefits and features include:

Outsourcing Brings Expertise to Your Door – When you outsource these activities, you can reallocate your employees to their day to day work while still accessing the expert support needed to design and implement an effective business continuity plan.

Productivity and Potential – Custom programming, daily operations, and IT management are all pieces of the complex puzzle that can be covered remotely should a disaster strike in your local area.

Outsourcing Lowers Costs – favorable pricing model that gives you peace of mind allows you to maintain business continuity with a set of guaranteed resources.

Train Your Employees – Training can be conducted onsite or remotely in PowerOn, SymForm PDF, PowerDocs, ARCU, SDLC, Requirements Gathering, and Project Management, to name a few.

Stability and Reliability – A managed solution can deliver peace of mind with a bulletproof SLA that guarantees your recovery times from the start.

“Keeping the IT team moving during normal times is challenging enough. Add disaster recovery to the mix and you have the potential for full-blown madness,” says Murray. “Our Staffing Insurance Plan places credit unions ahead of the curve with an established connection to the core and related services so that CUTEK can step in as needed and keep systems running.”

Dawn Murray


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