Cutting it close before the holidays

TEXAS CITY, TX (November 21, 2013) — The wait is over! The paint has dried, the signs are hung and the teller line is now open. The Clear Lake Branch ─ at 2585 Bay Area Blvd. is open and ready for business!

Dedication and a whole lot of hard work made the idea of a micro branch in the Clear Lake area a reality. Even though it might be called a “micro” branch, there’s certainly nothing micro about it. The Clear Lake Branch serves as a full service branch just like any other AMOCO branch in the area.

Please stop by and see what everyone is talking about. If you’re not already a member, come check out what you’re missing and join the AMOCO family! Krystle Nieto and Courtney Folsom, who will be working at this office, will be happy to assist you in becoming a member or applying for a loan.

And with the branch completed, it was time to break out the over-sized scissors and wine. The ribbon cutting ceremony and reception was held on Tuesday, November 19th. Over 100 people attended, including: AMOCO board members and executive team, the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and invited guests. After making our debut into the chamber, guests walked the red carpet down to Tommy’s Restaurant where everyone was indulged with music provided by Clear Brook High School Orchestra, drinks and appetizers.

AMOCO Federal Credit Union is a member-owned cooperative organization. AMOCO’s mission is: To Serve and Satisfy Our Members, and has done just that for more than 75 years. AMOCO strives to provide the best products and services available to its members by offering low loan rates and little to no fees. For more information, please contact Kevin Venable at 281-534-5509 or

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