D3 Banking Technology enhances D3 Insight to unlock additional actionable data for financial institutions

Powerful analytics tool gives banks and credit unions the power to anticipate customer and member needs

OMAHA, NE (September 12, 2018)D3 Banking Technology (D3), provider of the industry’s most advanced digital banking platform, has enhanced D3 Insight, its powerful analytics tool that allows financial institutions to leverage customer data to anticipate the end user’s needs and personalize offers to best meet those needs. D3 has added further data points and analytics options to the dashboards, charts and campaign features of the sophisticated data analytics product.

D3 Insight now allows different departments within banks and credit unions to customize their dashboards and displays based on the end user data most relevant to them. Additional configurability within the product also allows financial institutions to prioritize their data so that the most pertinent information automatically surfaces first. With these advanced customization and organization capabilities, financial institutions can now better understand how to use the vast amount of digital data available to them to strengthen their customer and member relationships.

In the recent report Mobile Banking as a Hub: Redefining Service Delivery, Mercator Advisory Group’s Vice President of Special Projects, Ken Paterson, states, “D3 Insight provides the user [with] all digital channels including the analytics and campaign management within and across mobile apps (and other data-collecting channels). With Insight, the financial institutions are able to gather data profiles on all digital users’ transactions to personalize and anticipate the needs of these customers whether using a mobile device or desktop.”

D3 Insight’s campaign features make it easier for financial institutions to create and implement specific marketing campaigns that cater to the targeted groups they want to reach. With D3 Insight, banks and credit unions can quickly and seamlessly create campaigns for customers and members based on multiple factors, providing those segments with relevant and timely offers to help bolster relationships and meet their needs.

“Financial institutions have a wealth of data about their customers and members at their fingertips; the problem is, they often struggle to effectively access and use that data,” said Mark Vipond, CEO of D3 Banking Technology. “In today’s highly competitive financial services landscape, institutions can no longer afford to sit idly on this potentially game-changing competitive advantage. D3 Insight enables banks and credit unions to better understand and apply data to predict the needs of consumers and offer services to best meet those needs. By doing so, financial institutions will strengthen customer and member relationships while boosting overall profitability, allowing them to better compete in the space.”

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