Data driven decisions are strategic gold for credit unions: Pure IT CUSO and Arkatechture partnership announcement

HOUSTON, TX (December 8, 2020)Pure IT ( and Arkatechture ( have partnered together to strengthen credit unions with cutting edge Business Intelligence (BI) technology. This combination of custom business strategy and leading data analytics serves credit unions throughout the nation, bringing data science to the executive team.

Fused in their common mission, each organization strives to provide credit unions with a unique competitive advantage. This partnership between Pure IT CUSO and Arkatechture weaves sophisticated data stories into a strategic business plan. Together, they unlock a new capacity for data-driven decision making, with speeds and analysis never unleashed into the credit union industry, creating high-touch member experiences.

“This data is overwhelming and ready to go, with deployment in two weeks, creating value in 21 days to the credit union. Let’s get to the value,” Jack Smith, CEO of Pure IT CUSO.

“Credit unions can now leapfrog into using the best of breed strategy and get ahead of the curve,” Jamie Jackson, CEO of Arkatechture.

The leaders of the two companies recently joined Mike Lawson on CU Broadcast (, to detail how legacy data systems are now quickly being replaced with modern cloud and fintech technologies, thus creating a service catalyst for credit unions.

“Data is the game-changer for credit unions, and creates new power,” Kyle Stutzman, VP of Pure IT CUSO. “When you combine public data, peer benchmarking and deep internal stats – you can make powerful informed decisions that are not confined to one system.”

“Credit unions know their members… and now engagement is happening through digital channels – and that’s data. Pulling information together is a key to their success and growth,” Pat Lapomarda, commenting on the new analytical capabilities that operational platforms big data platforms gives the credit union.”

Data without strategy is empty, and this dynamic partnership between data experts and a CUSO combines enterprise technology with credit union expert strategists; positioning the credit union to win.

About Pure IT Credit Union Services

A CUSO like no other, Pure IT was founded by an organic partnership between a Credit Union and an eclectic mix of Technologists and Enterprise Executives. Joined by a common servant vision, this partnership fused Technology into the business goals of the CU. This allowed the credit union to gain a competitive edge and serve members. Vendor agnostic, Pure IT empowers credit union leaders with Technology Strategies, Continued Improvement Projects, and Ongoing Support. You’re not alone on your Digital Transformation journey when you have a trusted partner like Pure IT. Please call (281) 378-7777, or visit for more information.

About Arkatechture

Arkatechture is a technology company dedicated to empowering its clients with a better understanding of their business through data. Arkatechture works with credit unions both large and small to help solve their data challenges. Need results-oriented, lean data solutions? Arkatechture can help. Visit to get in touch with an expert today.


Contact: Rebekah Schlichting, Marketing Director
Company: CU Intersect c/o Pure IT Credit Union Services
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