“Data Management” category added to GreenProfit learning library

Helping FIs get a handle on their sprawling data while finding new opportunities

PLANTATION, FL (April 6, 2021) — GreenProfit Solutions, Inc. today announced their new article series on Data Management Systems. With “digital transformation” in high gear, these pieces of content dive deep into the greatest advantage, yet also challenge, of financial institutions: Their data. Each article helps readers learn how embracing such systems can drive additional business, reduce operational costs, all while providing an improved experience for account holders.

Like the fourteen existing Learning Library categories, readers will learn “the facts beyond the hype”, building understanding so leaders can take real action. From identifying the issue, to illuminating best practices based on more than upfront cost, the series benefits institutions of all sizes. Typical built-in vendor bias is omitted, as one article even shares the “best data management system vendors for banks and credit unions.”

“Data management systems can transform a financial institution, digital and otherwise. However, no two are the same, so learning the what, why, how, and even how much, ensures your chosen data approach truly serves the specific needs of your institution.” says Joseph Winn, President of GreenProfit Solutions, Inc. and “Credit Union Geek” industry blogger/speaker. “We’ve seen financial institutions leap before looking, so to speak, and waste literal years pursuing a data strategy that didn’t make sense for them. Our series provides the framework needed to make the appropriate next steps, saving valuable time and energy.”

The first articles in the Data Management series are now available on the GreenProfit Learning Library. Future content will arrive as part of the regular publishing schedule. Posted topics include:

● Why Does Your Financial Institution Need a Data Management Service?
● Pros & Cons of Data Management Systems You Need to Know
● Best Data Management System Vendors for Banks & Credit Unions

For more information on Data Management and the more than 100 other pieces of honest, unbiased content, visit the Learning Library.


Sarah Snell Cooke

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