DCECU gives back more than $19 million to members through rebates, rewards

Member Giveback total for 2018 is the highest in the credit union’s history

MIDLAND, MI (January 16, 2019) — Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union ( has announced its Member Giveback for 2018, with $19.4 million being given back to eligible members on Jan. 1 in the form of rebates and rewards. This is the largest-ever giveback for DCECU, which has returned a share of its earnings to members every year since 1980 and in all but one year since 1955.

The 2018 DCECU Member Giveback represents an increase of nearly $2 million versus 2017’s then-record-high total of $17.5 million.

For 2018, DCECU gave back 60 percent of the interest that members in good standing had paid on their eligible loans over the course of the year and gave them a cash reward equal to 60 percent of the interest they’d earned on their savings. Members in good standing also received rebates on Visa®Debit Card transactions.

“The credit union’s prudent management of members’ deposited funds and our members’ commitment to engaging in our financial cooperative are both key factors in our ability to be one of only a handful of financial institutions nationwide to share earnings with members to this extent while still maintaining a healthy capital cushion,” said DCECU President/CEO Dennis Hanson.


Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union is a cooperative, not-for-profit financial institution that is owned by its members and dedicated to providing them with smart, affordable banking solutions. Located in Midland, Michigan, DCECU has more than $1.6 billion in assets and nearly 65,000 members and has been recognized multiple times by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) for top performance in saving members money. Membership is open to employees and retirees of more than 50 Select Employer Group companies, as well as to their family members. For more information, visit or call 989.835.7794 or 800.835.7794.

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About the DCECU Member Giveback

DCECU strives to maintain a healthy capital (net worth) level. Anything over that target is considered excess income and generally is given back to eligible members in the form of a Member Giveback. Numerous factors, including – but not limited to – interest rate levels, yield curve, balance sheet mix and risk, capital (net worth), the current and future economic environment, and regulatory changes, are considered in determining the giveback amount. Although this credit union benefit is not guaranteed, the Member Giveback typically is given out annually on January 1. Learn more


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