DCU partners with Mobius Mobility to offer iBOT® Financing

MARLBOROUGH, MA (August 9, 2022) — Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) has partnered with Mobius Mobility to offer loans for the company’s iBOT®, a prescription device similar to an electric wheelchair, but without the limitations. The iBOT® allows users a greater range of functionalities, including extended battery range, the ability to rise to eye level, go over curbs, climb stairs, and navigate uneven surfaces, including mud and snow.

For over a decade, DCU has offered a suite of Access Loans designed to serve members of all abilities. These loans help to fund stair-climbing chairs, rehabilitative equipment, home modifications, vehicle conversions and beyond. Now, DCU offers affordable financing for the iBOT® to make these devices more accessible.

“The average electric wheelchair costs around $3,500,” said Caleb Cook, DCU’s Vice President of Consumer Lending. “An electric wheelchair can help you get from Point A to Point B, whereas the iBOT® enables individuals to enjoy every aspect of life, no matter where it takes them.”

The devices can cost up to $40,000, making affordability a challenge for many. DCU offers loan terms up to 10-years for the full cost of the iBOT® at a competitive rate to help more people access these life changing devices.

The high cost is due not only to the wide variety of features that come with the chair, but because no two are exactly the same, as each device is personalized to the user. Unlike traditional or electric wheelchairs, insurance and government aid is limited.

Individuals interested in the iBOT® are asked to first reach out to Mobius Mobility to ensure they are eligible for the device. Upon confirming eligibility for safe use of the device, Mobius Mobility will guide individuals through financing and other payment options.

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