DCUC celebrates 60 years of service and dedication in 2023

WASHINGTON, DC (January 4, 2023) — The Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC) is celebrating its 60th anniversary of championing the interests of credit unions serving our armed forces and veterans worldwide. For sixty years, DCUC’s close working relationships with the Department of Defense, Capitol Hill, and NCUA have delivered impactful results to its credit unions. This dedication has allowed them to provide the best financial services to our Nation’s military, veterans, and their families.

Since its inception, DCUC’s overall goal has remained the same: serving those who serve our country. Whether it’s proactively advocating for regulatory or legislative matters, guiding decisions on strategic or operational issues, or improving policy and procedures, DCUC’s history reflects a mission centered on serving others.

DCUC first began under the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) in 1963 when credit union leaders recognized a need for a separate entity to address challenges credit unions regularly faced while serving our military and their families. To keep the financial needs of service men and women in the forefront, these credit unions needed a way to communicate with the Pentagon regularly and effectively. The formation of DCUC was the answer to filling that need. In the same year, DCUC held its first annual conference from September 17-19 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. Two hundred delegates from 87 defense credit unions attended that first conference and selected its first slate of officers.

Defense credit unions have always had a significant voice within the whole credit union industry. In 1963, defense credit unions had 1,327,690 members and $535,218,708 in assets. This was about 11% of the national credit union movement at the time. Today, there are more than 33 million members with over $480 Billion in assets. These numbers continue to grow every day, currently representing about 25% of the total industry.

Currently, under the leadership of President/CEO Anthony Hernandez and a small staff from offices in Washington, D.C., DCUC’s knowledge of speaking military, and its reach continues to grow. In the last decade, DCUC’s focus has expanded to include community-based credit unions whose field of memberships includes military members, even if they are not operating on a military installation.

“DCUC remains focused on improving our value proposition for each of our members. We fully recognize our role in the industry as we represent nearly a quarter of the industry and are twice as large as any league. Our 60th anniversary is the perfect time to recommit and strengthen DCUC’s voice in representing the interests of military and veteran communities, which are a large and important part of the fabric of our nation,” stated Hernandez.

DCUC is looking forward to celebrating its 60th Anniversary throughout 2023. In addition to hosting its 60th Annual Conference at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO, DCUC has several exciting projects in the works. To learn more about the history of DCUC and defense credit unions, visit

Richard H. Grant, original member of the steering committee and early DCUC board member.


The DCUC Board of Directors pose for their official photo in September 1968. Top Row L to R: Robert Schaffner, Fort Knox FCU; Brig. General Evert S. Thomas, DCUC Executive


Presentation at the DCUC meeting of September 16-19, 1963, in Washington, D.C. Col. Winkler and Leslie Dix are standing at right.


This 1963 photo shows original DCUC chairman Richard Grant (left), visiting with Pentagon liaison Leslie Dix and Lt. Col. Carl E. Winkler of the office of the Judge Advocate General.


About Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC)

The Defense Credit Union Council is the premier resource for credit unions on all military and veteran matters. By maintaining a close and constant liaison with the Pentagon, Capitol Hill, and NCUA, the Council champions the interests of credit unions serving our military and veteran communities by coordinating policy, procedures, and legislation impacting morale and welfare, financial readiness, and the delivery of quality financial products and services. Organized in 1963, the Council’s membership is comprised of 180 credit unions with over 35 million members. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact DCUC at


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