DCUC plans for the year ahead

DCUC staff gathered at DCUC HQ last week to hold its annual staff strategic planning session. The meeting focused on topics including increased advocacy and member value, the continued modernization of DCUC’s conferences, and growing its communications outreach.

Anthony Hernandez, DCUC President/CEO said, “DCUC has made great strides forward in the last four years. When I started as CEO, we implemented a five-year plan, and we’ve accomplished all of the major milestones ahead of schedule. As we look to the future, we will continue working along the lines of effort I outlined from the beginning and build on our success. The DCUC team is stronger than ever before, and we are going to continue supporting the defense community and credit unions in even more ways.”

In the year ahead, DCUC will continue to focus on issues that matter to its members, such as protecting no-cost land leases for credit unions, emerging technology, and adapting to changes in our military’s posture. These challenges shape how credit unions serve the military community, and DCUC continues to lead the way on all issues unique to defense credit unions and the military community. With the additional rules and regulations around these groups continuing to become more complicated, there has never been a more important time to be a part of DCUC.

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